Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Breezy Babblebrook's Adventures in London

Hi everyone,
Here is a small story that i wrote back in the summer, its not the best but it will do. I have a habbit of always having one of my little friends come along with me in my handbag, on this particular day i had taken Breezy Babblebrook along with me to london. I hope you enjoy it x

Breezy Babblebrook’s Adventures in London! 

One day, Breezy decided to go on a trip to London with her special owner Lynne. She was really excited about having a day out away from little Eleville and her pesky brother Bubba!

First stop was the train station and the trains had decided they would be delayed! “Oh bother thought breezy, aren’t we meant to be meeting your friend soon?” “Yup we are… time to wait on the platform for a while!”
Before too long our train had finally decided to arrive and off we went to London!


Very soon we had arrived at charring cross station and we soon found our friend Zoe. We decided to see a show, so we got some tickets to see the “Phantom Of The Opera”!
After walking around London a bit and grabbing some lunch, we wandered to the theatre which wasn’t very far away but it was a tad confusing where it was on the map! 

“Ooo look at that picture… can I get a pic please?” Breezy mentioned… “Of course you can…” and there we are all three of us in the pic!(shaddows of us in the glass)

Then we all went inside the theatre, we got our tickets and a programme.  It wasn’t long before we were in our seats and the show had begun! 

The show was amazing, thought Breezy but it was a little too dark for her liking! She could have fallen asleep as the lighting was so dim, but she enjoyed not being in Lynne’s pocket for a short while as it’s a bit tight in there! We all loved the show, the lighting wasn’t very nice but we all managed to stay awake and enjoy the show!

Soon the fabulous show came to an end and off we went to find Hamleys… but on the way we got lost, so we had to look for a map and our phones… Breezy couldn’t quite believe her luck, if only we were back in little Eleville… we could be on the Woodland Company Bus and they could show us the way! 

Within an hour we had all found the most famous and best Toy shop in the world… Breezy couldn’t quite believe her eyes, everything was so BIG!! 

There are 6 floors all with designated toys to each level!  “Hey you guys… I’ve spotted my other Sylvanian friends! Wow there’s so many!” Breezy said excitedly!

Breezy and Zoe couldn’t believe their eyes… there are rows upon rows of boxes of Sylvanians!!! Breezy knew this is one of Lynne’s favourite places in the world!

“Erm, Lynne who is in that tree over there?”

“Lets open the door and you will see…” 

“Oooo it’s a Giant Freya Chocolate, Wow am I TINY!!” 

“Yup it’s a giant Freya… She’s amazing isn’t she, there’s also a smaller one of her and Willow Cottontail further up the tree!”
“Wow she is amazing! Can I get a pic with them please??”


After a while, we finally had chosen a new family to add to Little Eleville. Breezy can’t wait to show the Buckley deers around the village and introduce them to all her friends at home!

Off we went for a quick meal and soon we were all heading our separate ways home. 
As the train was very quiet breezy decided it was time for some pictures!! Seeing London go by in a flash!

Breezy and Lynne soon got home with their new friends and things from the adventure!