Buildings of Little Eleville

Buildings of Little Eleville
Once upon a time, Little Eleville didn't have many buildings or transport. I regret when i became a teenager that i let go of my Tomy Cottage and in recent years the Flair "The Old Mill". I did it as i needed space when we moved. In 2012 when my collection started to grow again... The main things on my list were hotel, buildings, shops, homes and of course some transport. So within the past 3 years i have managed to collect many many buildings old and new!! So now Little Eleville looks like a Village!

The Canal Boat
The only building/transport that i kept from the early collection. I have had this since 2000! The VanDyke otters and the Bullrush Frogs love their boat home and have done from when we got it. 

The Grand Hotel 
That i got in 2013, I had wanted this building for as long as i can remember and it is the best! The majority of my families lived here while the other homes were in construction.

Cosy Cottage
That i got in 2014, adding to the hotel 

Bramble Cottage
That i got in 2015 with the two orchard cottages on a preloved add!

Orchard Cottage x2
That i got in 2015 with Bramble cottage on a preloved add!

The Blue Beach House and Ice Cream Stall - Neptune Beach (Got in 2015)
The Neptune Sea Otters new home by the sea, Perfect for those chilly winter evenings and wonderful in the summer. The Beafort Polar Bears own the Ice cream stall by the sea.

Primrose Nursery 
That i got in 2004 before i stopped collecting properly as a teen. The Babies favourite place to come, learn and play together!

St Francis School and Treehouse  (Got in 2012)
Tomy Owl Treehouse (Got in 2015)
The professors favourite place to be, teaching the over 60 odd village children!

The Little Eleville Mini High Street (Got between 2012 - 2015)
The mini High Street consists of all the smaller shops which are as follows - 
J Sainsburys Shop - James loves working here and selling to his customers!
Cake shop - Where you can buy delicious cakes from Marion Brighteyes!
Cottage Hospital - Where you can be seen by Doctor Murdoch the best doctor in Sylvania!
Betty's Toy Box and Village Gift shop - Betty and Audrey work closely together selling toys and gifts to everyone!
Madeline's Boutique and the Village Shoe Shop - The perfect place to buy clothes and shoes from the best dressed Madeline in Little Eleville!
Flower Stall - Where you can pick out lovely flowers from the Brambles and the Furbanks!
Toy Waggon - Another place for the children to love... Toys Toys Toys!
The Village Post Office (Got in 2015)
The Village Post Office where you can see and deliver your parcels to Postman Pete Petite.

The Sylvanian Market (Got in 2014)
The Market and Pharmacy where you can collect your prescription, buy any essentials you need and toys and those special items of Crystal for your living room! The Maces run the Market together as a family!

The Village Store (Got in 2014)
Pop in the Village Store and find all your wonderful groceries - from fresh fruit and vegetables to drinks and packets of pasta and biscuits. Theres even a lovely selection of magazines and the Woodland Gazette! The Harvey Cats invite you to come in and enjoy shopping with them.

The Water Mill Bakery (Got in 2015 - second hand)
Visit the Babblebrooks in their Wonderful Bakery. The Smells of Delicious fresh baked bread fills the bakery and into the streets when Crystal and Rocky Babblebrook are busy baking together! The children help out and do any of the deliveries that need to be made together. 

 The Little Eleville Playground - (Got in 2012)
The Children's other favourite place to come and play!

The Woodland Bus Company - Little Eleville Village Bus! (Got in 2012)
Join Stan and Olive Bearberry as they go in and around Little Eleville, to the Mini High Street or to the School. Theres always visits to Neptune Beach and the Sylvia river bank. Enjoy your ride! 
The Burgundy Car (Got in 2014)
Families can go for a ride to anywhere in the Burgundy Car!

The Camper van - (Got in 2015)
Everyone in Little Eleville gets to have a trip or holiday in the Camper van!  


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