Tuesday, 21 August 2018

The Village Set up!

Little Eleville Set up

I've been very fortunate that after two years of not being able to get to my collection, that I have finally managed to get at it! My sister moved out in May, so I managed to get her partner to remove my chest of drawers out of the Garage!! I'm so pleased, because now I've got a better chance to get on with my stories and taking the photos!!

As I managed to get too all of my collection... I decided it was time to get my whole collection out again!!! I'm so glad that I did! Here we go! hope you enjoy the photos!
The Whole Village of Little Eleville - I decided to do a similar layout to what I did before but made sure to use the space better. 
First area - Cottage Lane

Next is the Main High Street - all of the shops together 

The Hotel 
The Beach area

The Canal and Camping area

The Play area, Nursery and School area 

Monday, 20 August 2018

SSK Visit May 2018

Hi all

As you might have noticed - I went along to SSK where I got my Cottontail rabbits... well while I was there back in May - I decided I would take the liberty to take some new photos of their set ups! Which I know everyone loves …. so here we go!

Outside the store in the main display window - was this delightful beach scene! I cant help but smile at these photos! I especially love the Beach area with the Babblebrooks!! 😍😊

Next we have the shelve displays - which are mainly the buildings and shops. I just love how cute they are set up.

Next we have the new Town Series.... I must admit I'm not really a fan of the new sets... I feel that they have gone away from the cuteness of the old style of the village. What do you guys think??

Hope you enjoyed these photos of the new set ups. x

New Figures for 2018 :)

Hi Everyone,

My life has been a bit hectic since I last blogged and I'm sorry for not getting round to posting about my new figures, trip to SSK and the fact I've had my whole village out! In this post I will introduce you to my new families and other figures who I've managed to get since January of this year!

In January, I managed to get the Tuxedo Triplets! I've always wanted them and was so disappointed that in the UK we don't have them. So after joining a site - I managed to get in touch with a Japanese lady who kindly found them for me! So my Triplets are the most Travelled of my villagers! They were expensive but well worth it! 😊I love them and they look so nice with the rest of the family!

Next to arrive in my village was Cora Corntop! Who I also found on a Facebook selling page! 😊 She now completes my Corntop family! Unfortunately I forgot to do a group photo! 😕
Next to arrive after a swap with Bryony.... 2 new Chocolate Rabbit babies! Breeze and Kabe Join the family 😊 We swapped the bike for her twins - this picture is me collecting them. 
Next to arrive... my biggest want ever! I finally have The Moss Reindeers!!! 😊 I'm soo happy with them! I paid a lot of money for them on Ebay - the most I've paid for a family! I'm soo in love with them and they will be featuring in a new story very soon with their cousins the Buckley's!! 
Next to arrive... another of my rare families who I've wanted for a long while! The Chestnut Racoons! They are also just as lovely! I got them on the facebook selling page and I'm so glad that I did - second highest paid for family! 😊
Around this time... back in may - I had started to realise after a visit to bryony that my Original Breezy isn't actually Breezy! I've had after all these years - an Original Grandmother Pearl and I never knew! I took her along to the SSK shop to check and he came to the same conclusion… and once I got home... I found my old Grandmother Pearls dress on one of my Bearberry members! So I decided I needed to buy the original Breezy and now she is here and completes my Babblebrook family 😊 - at the same time I got this rare Swing set to add to the vintage playground! Shame the figures just fall off it when they are seated! 😔

While at the SSK shop - I decided it was finally time to buy the Cottontail Rabbit family! So my poor little comfrey who I lost in the garden 4 years ago and who looks worse for wear - finally has his family to look after him 😊 

After these new families and odd figures joining Little Eleville our Family total is now.... 42! And then of course there are all the hotel staff and shop keepers to include as well... so the new Figure total is...… 334!! 😮 I don't know if I will carry on collecting the vintage figures or not... we will have to see lol. Here is a couple of photos of all of my families in order of village hotel, shop, extra sets, rabbits - which I have 9 out of the 12 families!, Bears, Woodland, water, Farm, Exotic, Birds, dogs and cats!