Friday, 30 November 2018

A few more purchases

Hello All, 

Yet again I've been very busy and not been up to much but i have been a bit cheeky and bought a few more items! 

I have amazingly completed the Vintage Playground! I found the Climbing frame at long last a Facebook Sylvanians selling page..... i'm super happy to have this vintage set complete and by the looks of things Rusty Wildwood and his friends are very happy with it too!! 

I have also bought a couple of new babies! My Timbertops are now complete and actually have the right coloured babies!! I've also added the Girl Cottontail too :) Thank you Facebook Selling page!! 

Now the head count is 337! :)  

A story will be up as soon as i can get the photos done at some point in december! 

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

The Village Set up!

Little Eleville Set up

I've been very fortunate that after two years of not being able to get to my collection, that I have finally managed to get at it! My sister moved out in May, so I managed to get her partner to remove my chest of drawers out of the Garage!! I'm so pleased, because now I've got a better chance to get on with my stories and taking the photos!!

As I managed to get too all of my collection... I decided it was time to get my whole collection out again!!! I'm so glad that I did! Here we go! hope you enjoy the photos!
The Whole Village of Little Eleville - I decided to do a similar layout to what I did before but made sure to use the space better. 
First area - Cottage Lane

Next is the Main High Street - all of the shops together 

The Hotel 
The Beach area

The Canal and Camping area

The Play area, Nursery and School area 

Monday, 20 August 2018

SSK Visit May 2018

Hi all

As you might have noticed - I went along to SSK where I got my Cottontail rabbits... well while I was there back in May - I decided I would take the liberty to take some new photos of their set ups! Which I know everyone loves …. so here we go!

Outside the store in the main display window - was this delightful beach scene! I cant help but smile at these photos! I especially love the Beach area with the Babblebrooks!! 😍😊

Next we have the shelve displays - which are mainly the buildings and shops. I just love how cute they are set up.

Next we have the new Town Series.... I must admit I'm not really a fan of the new sets... I feel that they have gone away from the cuteness of the old style of the village. What do you guys think??

Hope you enjoyed these photos of the new set ups. x