Tuesday, 27 April 2021

New Rabbit family comparison …. and how many rabbits I own!


Hi everyone, I thought i would update my blog with a comparison of some recent critters! :) 

Recently I ended up buying my first Sylvanian family in over a year as a reward for getting through work! These rabbits are a limited edition and I actually unboxed them which is quite something as the last brand new one (from 2 years ago) is still in its box! The main reason for wanting to unbox them is to see what the new quality is like compared to some of the originals and I’m shocked at the difference in them.

Here are the Marguerite family, being welcomed of course by the Famous Breezy Babblebrook! 

The flocking is very faint which means you can’t see their markings very well and you can also see right through it when the critters are standing in sunlight! This is very interesting as when the light shines through you can see they have a peach tinge to them and their markings actually show up! I have now realised that some of the older critters – Corntops and Snow-warrens are the same (after doing some just rabbit photos!)  

Here are some photos of both the Margeurite family and their cousins the Cottontails. I haven't got the original Tomy or Flair version of these as i got them a few years ago. But you can tell their cousins because of their markings. 

The other surprise is how they are standing, in particularly the father! He as you can see in the picture is standing at a rather awkward angle! So that is not good compared to my original Tomy and early Flair versions! Mind I have got 2 grandparents who also stand awkwardly (you can see these in the Grandparents photo) but this father is just ridiculous! 🙈

They are also taller than the original critters from the Tomy and early Flair ranges and you can see this by my Babblebrooks standing next to them, especially the children and this is something that the later flair children are like as well but there’s a more pronounced difference within the last 5 years. You can also see this with the row of all the children. I much prefer the older original children. 

Another sad thing about these new critters and for any brand new epoch families is that... they don't give them names or put their family bios on the boxes! That's one of the most saddest things as I love this part of the Flair boxes and one of the main reason I've kept the boxes! The only good thing about them is their clothing which is lovely and colourful. 

While i was busy doing this comparison and bring down the Cottontails and Babblebrooks to do the photos with, i thought it would be a good idea to photograph all my rabbit families of which there are a Lot! I've got 10 families altogether, 1 random adult and 77 overall (quite a few of these are doubles!) ! 🙊🙈🙉  - The families are as follows from Left to Right - Marguerite's, Chocolates, Cottontails, Perriwinkles, Dappledawns, Buttergloves, Corntops, Snow-warrens, Babblebrooks and the Wildwoods...!!! 





So there we go all of my rabbits altogether!! :)


Wednesday, 24 March 2021

When 2 of my favourite hobbies combine :)

 Hi everyone! 

Wow who would have thought I would be back again after only 3 weeks! Here is a different sort of blog post..... It involves 3 of my special interests - Sylvanian families of course, but also my love of Card making and the Wind in the Willows :) I hope you enjoy this post today. 

Crafting and Sylvanians! 

First off a card that I made about a month ago, when I discovered why I fell in love with a Crafting Company called Lawn Fawn!! I've been using their Stamps, Dies and Stencils for nearly 3 years, I just love how cute the critters are and how versatile they are too! But of course what did the stamps remind me off after I made this card with my Original Breezy Babblebrook on my desk... Of course my Beloved Sylvanians!! I had unbeknown to me found a way to create with cute critters!! I'm just so happy that I understand now why I love them so much and also I'm able to create in a way which is more me!! 😁🐇

Breezy was very amused by this creation.....

"Picture of the card, with Breezy Babblebrook and the Lawn Fawn Stamp Set"

"Is this Really what I look like from behind?" 😂

Part 2 of this blog..... Sylvanian Families Play the Wind in the Willows! 

These photos were taken yesterday evening after a spontaneous creativity in my mind! I don't get my Sylvanians out as much as I used to do but literally the last few days I've had this creation in my mind which needed to be done. The Lawn Fawn Challenge blog had a challenge which related to creating a "card" or in this case a story using your favourite "Song, Book or Movie!".... Well I created a card using another fun show but I couldn't recreate the Wind in the Willows because I didn't have a Mole stamp!! Soo... My Sylvanians came to my Rescue and I had a really fun evening creating/playing/photographing a few of my favourite scenes from my All time Favourite film!! 😁🐀🐸 .... So here is my spontaneous Creation!

"Why hello Ratty!"

"Hello Moley Old chap, would you like to go on the river?"

"Ooo yes please, I've never been in a boat before"
"You've never been in a boat or on the river before?!"
"Well, stay with me and I will teach you all I know."
"I'd love to Ratty"
"Watch out Ratty!" 
"Lets go on a picnic"
"Here we are.... got cold ham, pickled gerkins....."
"ooo too much, too much!"
"Put this basket under your feet old chap"
"That's what I always take on these little excursions"
"Can you hear all the birds and the calls of the river and reeds?" 
"Why yes I can, its lovely."
"Ahh here we are, the perfect picnic spot!"
"Wow what a lot of yummy food"
"Why hello Badger, how are you today?"
"Hur ump, Company"
"Oh that's just his way"
Mr Otter and Portlie arrive.....
"I'm teaching Portlie how to swim and hes doing pretty good too!"
"ahh well done Portlie. Ooo any news who is out on the river today?"
"Toady is out for one..."
"First it was Punting, Then it was house boating and now its boating! and he always gives it up after a few tries without asking for my help..."
Toady floats by.... "Why hello chaps!"
"Ooo must go, Portlie is off!.. It was lovely to meet you Moley"
"lets pack away too."

Part 2..... my favourite tune.. 
"All along the backwater, Through the rushes tall, Ducks are a-dabbling, Up tails all! 
Ducks' tails, drakes' tails, Yellow Feet a-quiver, Yellow bills all out of sight Busy in the river!" 
"Oh I don't think they liked that very much!"

Part 3.... Mr Naughty Toady!
"Pooop Pooop, Beep Beep....!"
"Hey, Get back here!!!"
"Oh Toady....."
"Ahhh got ya, Your a very Naughty Toady for stealing a Motor Car!" 
"Soooorrrryyyy Officer" 

I hope you all enjoyed my creation, as you can see I had a lot of fun playing around with this!! Now I just need to invest in the vintage horse and gypsy caravan..... 😉

Part 2 of the camping story will be up within the next two weeks 😊


Sunday, 28 February 2021

I'm back! The camping adventure!

 Hi everyone, I am finally back after a few years away... I had lost interest for a few reasons and recently after speaking with someone, my stories and interest has finally been relighted! Here is the part 1 of the camping story which has taken me forever to get done! Fingers crossed I can get part 2 up soon! 😄

The Camping Trip!

It was the Summer holidays in Little Eleville and it was a gorgeous sunny July day. The Buckley deer’s and Dappledawn Rabbits were getting ready for a special trip away, they were going camping! Everyone was excited, and the packing was commencing; Dads Rupert Buckley and Herbage Dappledawn were organising packing the campervan, while the mothers went to do some last-minute grocery shopping. Agatha Buckley asked the girls Maria Buckley and Tilly Dappledawn to look after the babies while they go to the shops, this meant that the boys had the chance to help the dads pack!

Rupert is in charge of organising the packing as he is a very organised person. Getting the green tent into the campervan with the help from Herbage and his own son Freddie. Picking up and folding the tent and putting it in the rack at the back of the campervan. Rupert asks “Raddish can you pass the tent poles along please”.  “okay” says Raddish and he starts to collect the tent poles from the pile and passes them to each other in a chain. With lots of happy chatter going on – “To me, to you” each of them says.

Rupert jumps up to the top of the campervan and asks, “Herbage can you pass the Triangle tent poles up please” “will do, here you go” Rupert jumps back down and takes the tall poles and puts them into the back rack of the campervan, while he finishes this. Raddish asks Herbage to help them fold the yellow tent up. “Hey dad, can you help us fold this tent up please!” “Sure, thing son” Herbage replies while helping the boys fold and then takes it over to Herbage to place on top of the poles in the rack. 


Tilly who had been busy helping Maria with the babies, decided it was her turn to help go and grab some things from the house. Tilly grabbed the 4 sleeping bags that her mum Theodora had made, bringing with her Dillon and Cotton on their little toy car. “Hey Rupert, here are our sleeping bags to be put inside the campervan!” “Good thinking, just put them inside here.” Rupert replied with a smile. While this was going on, Raddish was trying to carry a suitcase, “Dad can you help me with this, it’s very heavy!” “Sure thing” Herbage picks up the heavy suitcase and carries it over to the campervan. Tilly was inside so Rupert and Herbage helped lift it up into the campervan for her to place somewhere. 

Meanwhile down in the high street, Theodora and Agatha had just arrived at the Village store to buy the last-minute groceries for their adventure. “Any idea what we need to get? Agatha” Theodora knew that Agatha would have an Idea as she is the Deputy at the school, so she helps organise the school trips. “Hmm we need to get some fruit and vegetables and some other basic things…” Agatha said while walking inside….


The Harvey cats who own the village store were busy labelling up and encouraging purchases. Joyce Harvey said “Welcome to our store. If you need any help, just let me know and I will be over” The ladies were in awe of the amount of lovely looking and fresh smelling food. “Why thank you Joyce, we will let you know. We are buying last minute groceries for our camping trip!” Theodora said, while picking up a lush bunch of bananas! Agatha was busy picking things up and discussing them with Theodora, “there’s so much choice but we mustn’t overdo it, as that campervan might not hold it all!” 


 They arrived at the till where Bert and Jo were at. “Why hello Agatha and Theodora, that’s a lot of shopping you have there. Have you got everything you need?” Bert asked. “We hope we do; we are off camping with our kids!” It took them all a good 15 minutes to get to the bottom of the shopping cart and pay. 

As they were leaving Joyce came to the door and said, “Have a fantastic camping adventure, I will take that cart from you when you have filled the car up.” “Thank you” said Theodora while they busily filled the car up using a picnic rug to hold everything. Theodora held the rug and Agatha took the other end and eventually they got the picnic rug inside the car with all the goodies!  “Ahh there we go!” Theodora said with a big smile on her face.  Joyce came out to collect the shopping cart while Theodora started to drive back home….


Meanwhile back at home, Tilly was still inside the campervan filling it up with their ride on toys and other important bits and pieces. Theodora and Agatha arrived just as the last bike was being placed inside! Agatha and Theodora got out of the car and Theodora said to Herbage that they had a lot of food and bits that needed to go inside the campervan. “Herbage can you help us get this food out of the car please and into the campervan?” “Why of course my dear, Rupert we are going to need your help in organising this lot by the looks of it!” Herbage replied to his wife and his best friend.  Soon enough Herbage, Freddie and Theodora had managed to take hold of the picnic blanket and carried it towards the campervan. 



While the packing was happening, there was a lot of excited chatter from the babies as they knew their mummies had come home. “Yay Mummy” They were all saying. Agatha looked at Maria, “Have the babies behaved for you and Tilly?” “Of course, they have been darlings mum, can you take Lilly from me as she’s fast asleep and I want to help.” “Pass Lilly over, thanks for looking after them all so well.” Agatha replied while taking her sleepy baby. 

Before long everyone knew the campervan was all packed up and they wanted to get on the road. “Right let’s get going shall we, Dappledawn’s to the campervan and us Buckley’s to the car!” Rupert said aloud to everyone.  Maria jumped into the car with her baby brothers Mathew and Oscar, she made sure to put them into their car seats ready for the journey. Agatha had her baby Lilly on her lap in the front seat.  Tilly and Raddish hopped into the campervan and made sure their siblings’ cotton and dillion were buckled in too, Theodora hopped into the front seat.


“Shall I follow you?” Rupert asked. “why I think that would be a good idea, I shall get in and we can get going.” Herbage replied and hopping into the campervan and getting ready to set off… “Freddie can you get into the car now please, I’m just going to close the campervan door as Herbage forgot to do it!” Rupert said to his son.

 Soon enough they were off on their camping adventure; I wonder what will happen in part 2?  😊😉