The Villagers of Little Eleville

The Villagers of Little Eleville 1.

Little Eleville consists of many different villagers, some are from the early Tomy Era and quite a few are from the Flair era - early and recent, as well as some from the new Epoch range. All the Villagers have their own unique name and all the families have their own surnames. Everyone has a bio about who they are which i love. I have unfortunately got so many families that i'm going to use two pages as this page would be very long with 42 photos - some are single characters mind. so i recon i have 39 full families! 

Rabbit Families

Babblebrook Family (Tomy got in 1993 and in 2013/15 on ebay)

Grandfather Cliff has the gift of the gab. He'll tell you the tallest stories you've ever heard.
Grandmother Pearl is the worst cook in the woods. She even burns the toast for breakfast.
Rocky runs the Mill Bakery, and sells every type of bread that you could wish to buy.
Crystal is the best cook in the woods. She even wrote a recipe book. She also helps Rocky run the Mill Bakery
Breezy always likes to have her own way. It's lucky she's so nice really
Bubba has got the most amazing sense of hearing. He says he can even hear the grass grow.
Coral is really noisy when she's hungry. She cries and cries and rattles her cradle when it's time to eat.
Sandy always wants to get out of his cradle to see what his twin Coral is up to

The Wildwoods (Flair Celebration - got on ebay 2014)

Herb loves to throw a party. He likes to be surrounded by his friends.
Ginger is famous for her beautiful party food. Nobody's late when she's cooking!
Ray from an early age was encouraged to sing and play the guitar at the family parties along with his sister Tina. Together they were very good and all the guests enjoyed the show, but now that he is older he prefers to party than sing.
Tina unlike her brother Ray still sings whenever she has the chance. Her mother believes Tina's voice is getting better and stronger all the time. "Tina could be a full time singer when she finishes college" Ginger tells everyone!
Rusty is very, very musical. He can play a tambourine with his long ears!
Hollie loves parties, especially the ones at Christmas and New Year.
Juniper is an easy going baby who can sleep through her family’s loudest parties.
Barkley can't sleep when there's a party on. Instead he hums in time to the music.

Corntop Family (Tomy – got on ebay 2015)

Hector loves digging his garden. He's never happier than when he's planting carrots.
Christabel is very proud of her fruit trees, and her apples are famous for being the most crisp and delicious in Sylvania.
Kirsty loves dancing and once organised a barn dance with Misty Waters for all the young Sylvanians.
Scott can run faster than any other rabbit in Sylvania. He's always organising races to prove it
Cora likes to help her father in the garden, but she prefers pulling carrots up to planting them.

Snow-Warren Family – (flair – got in 2001)

Clarence spends his time repairing old furniture that was going to be thrown away because it was broken. He says it's sensible to mend old things rather than keep buying new things. "Waste not, want not" is his motto.
Lettuce takes the furniture that Clarence repairs and makes every item better than new. She smooths any rough corners, decorates them with a lick of paint, polishes them up and puts new covering on if necessary.
Lucky is very good at finding things. Once, when Ernest Evergreen lost his spectacles, Lucky found them under the sofa. Ernest said, "Well, it's lucky you were here. You really are lucky by name and lucky by nature!"
Sophie treasure spends most of her time riding her bike around the forest collecting bits and pieces in her basket. She calls these bits and pieces her treasure which is how she got her middle name.
Sophie treasure loves playing in her bedroom with her lakeside lodge and the orchard cottage, arranging and rearranging the tiny furniture in the houses and spring cleaning each of them.
Connor Blackie got his name because he's so dirty no matter where he is, much to Lettuces dismay
Alice is very adventurous. Last week she was a mountaineer and climbed the sofa in the front room and had to be rescued by Clarence once she reached the top. 

Butterglove Family (Flair got in individual sets – 2001 and 2014)

Professor Butterglove- The children love the professor and have nicknamed him number one because he gets so excited during maths lessons about numbers. He is also famous for giving gold stars for work done well, which is why his class gave him a Christmas card covered in gold stars last year!
Aunty Audrey enjoys running the gift shop which she runs alongside Betty Hawthorn in her toy shop. She is professor’s sister who lives with them.
Cecile is ever so patient with little Donna, who can be quite naughty, by the way always has a twinkle in her eye, so that no one can get cross at her.
Beverly loves school, especially on Thursdays when she has art class. Beverly can’t find enough time in the day to do all the drawings and painting she has been asked to do by friends and family alike. Her favourite pictures are always of ponies and horses.
Brendan is allowed to take his baby brother Russel to the park for picnics
Donna loves her playpen and mobile, she loves them so much she will not leave them, even at bedtime. Her mother Cecile has to wait for her to fall asleep before she can put her in her cot at night.
Russel likes to eat his meals alfresco, outdoors, in the form of a picnic. Audrey his mother is just so happy he's eating, she allows this strange practice as long as he has Brendan, his older brother with him!
Dappledawn family – (got in 2014 and 2015) 

Herbage loves going for long walks in "the great outdoors". His family call him "big foot" because he takes such big strides that the children almost have to run in order to keep up with him!
Theodora has a passion for anything old. Her favourite thing is visiting stately homes and historic monuments. She says that they bring 2history to life". The children have a great time because, whenever the family visit such places, she makes up brilliant stories about the people who lived there.
Grandmother Hazel enjoys going shopping with her little pull along trolley with the help of her granddaughter Rhianna
Rhianna enjoys going shopping with her Grandmother Hazel to collect the family’s groceries, especially pulling the shopping trolley behind her!
Tily is a very quiet little girl who happily spends hour’s birdwatching. She knows all the birds’ names, where they come from and what they eat. She can even recognise birds with her eyes shut- simply by listening to their different songs!
Radish loves running around castles pretending he is a gallant Knight rescuing fair maidens and challenging evil barons to duels. He also enjoys orienteering with his friends, where they have to get from one place to another as quickly as possible with the help of a map and a compass
Dillion never stops smiling! He’s happiest sitting on his father’s broad shoulders because from up there he can watch the pretty countryside go by.
Cotton is always crying or whimpering about something or other, so her poor mother is praying she will grow out of this awkward phase! 

Perriwinkle Family – (Flair – got in 2013/15)

Grandfather Mack , when he was younger, was the Sylvanian open tennis champion three years on the bounce. He had to give up playing when he got a bunion on his big toe. Now that he is older, he coaches his grandson, Oliver, who he expects to be the next champion.
Grandmother Mabel is an expert at knitting and sewing, making all her own clothes, as well as those for her grandchildren. She was credited with making Mack the smartest dressed tennis player in Sylvania.
Alex is the Sylvanian sign writer, has to be incredibly patient when he is working, because one mistake and he has to start all over again. His biggest job to date was preparing the signs and banners for the Sylvanian Market
Kate helps her husband, Alex, with the design and use of colour in his work as well as looking after the family.
Oliver is very good at tennis. When his grandfather, Mack, told him that one day he might become the Sylvanian Open Tennis Champion, he thought that he was joking and said: "You cannot be serious".
Barry Perriwinkle and Nichole Maces really look forward to sports day! There is everything to make a fantastic sports day from sack races to rounders. There are also medals for the winners, a finish flag and a winner’s cup. Let the games begin!
Rebecca is an all-round athlete, playing rounders and hockey for the school and tennis with her brother, whom she just loves to beat. She is always hopping from one game to another.
Hannah loves her pretty little Moses basket. Nap time is a dream for her as she settles down with her bottle and drifts peacefully off to sleep.
Elizabeth loves having walks in the park, where she watches her sister Rebecca, being sporty. She is always saying to her mother Kate "please let us go and watch Rebecca play."
Jamie loves sleeping more than anything else, even at meal times. His mother, Kate always has to tickle his paws to make him wake up and finish his meal.

Chocolate Family – (Flair - got in 2014)

Frasier has been making sweets since he was a young boy and he’s now a confectioner of the highest calibre. It all started when his mother showed him how to make crystallised fruit, which is very easy, but his chocolate creations today are a work of art as well as tasting heavenly.
Teri makes all the fillings for Frasier’s chocolate creations; the strawberry surprise being the best. Her kitchen is always full of the rich smell of fruit mixed with the sweet smells of sugar and spices bubbling in pots. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it.
Coco is not permitted to help his father or mother in the preparation of their confections concoctions because he eats more than he makes! He’s put to useful employment being delivery boy for the family.
Freya unlike her brother doesn’t eat sweets or chocolate, so she helps her mother prepare the fillings. She does eat a lot of fruit thought!
Crème likes to help clean up after his parents, licking the chocolate covered spoons and bowls. Teri, their mother, is sure more chocolate is put on his clothes than in his tummy!
Christmas Freya likes to give special presents to all the children in little Eleville at Christmas time.

Odd Rabbits – (Flair - got in 2013)

Comfrey Cottontail is taking his first steps! His parents are so excited to watch him learn to walk they have bought him this smart pink and white baby walker. He is now bumping around the living room all by himself!
Marion Brighteyes is the owner of Cake shop and loves making the cakes which she sells with lovely cups of tea or coffee. Marion also does a wonderful trade in takeaway cakes for parties and picnics
Bear Families 

Timbertop Family – (Tomy – got in 1990’s and 2015 on ebay)

Grandfather Gus loves honey, he knows where all the bees live so he can go and collect it himself
Grandmother Fern is famous for her cranberry pie, made from secret recipe of forest berries.
Taylor loves his six children so much and hugs them all the time.
Rose just adores children. There are so many in her house, it’s hard to tell which ones belong to her.
Birch loves exploring; he knows all the secret paths and hidden caves in the woods.
Ivy loves to sew. Her dad still wears the first shirt she ever made him. 

Daisy can’t wait to be a grown up. She’s always in the kitchen helping to bake and secretly licking the spoon!
Lucy Honeysuckle loves to go to school and explore the world around her with her friends.
Bud is very keen on sport: whether it’s running, swimming or jumping, you’ll always find him taking part
Blossom is a really happy baby, all day long she giggles and laughs.

Evergreen Family – (Tomy and Flair – got on EBay 2015)

Grandfather Ernest is an inventor, He's always inventing something. They don't always work out though.
Grandmother Primrose can forecast the weather, her ears twitch if it's sunny and her toes itch if it's rainy. 
Forrest is the local natural doctor. All the children love the lemon drops he gives them.
Honeysuckle reads all the time. She'll read to anyone who will listen.  
Logan is going to be a scientist. He helps grandfather with his inventions.
Summer loves school. She rushes there to meet her friends and learns a bit too!
Preston is always fooling about in class. But he's so funny, even the teacher laughs sometimes.
Ashley just can't slow down. She thinks quickly, talks quickly and moves at the speed of light!
Dusty is the opposite of his twin sister Poppy. He loves to while away the hours sleeping.
Poppy is a bundle of fun. Her favourite game is peek-a-boo. 

Marmalade Family (Tomy – got in 2014 and 2015 – ebay and ssk)

Grandfather Quincy never seems to sit down- especially when granddaughter Ottilee is around! Ottilee is always dragging him off to play firefighters. He can't resist any request from Ottilee. So, even though he knows it will get him in big trouble with Clementine for getting himself and Ottilee all muddy and wet, he never says no.
Grandmother Clementine is a wonderful granny. Not only does she make the best blackberry and apple pies you have ever tasted, she also loves to be with her grandchildren and often has them over to stay.
Maurice is so incredibly fussy, neat and tidy, that he drives everyone mad. "A place for everything and everything in its place" is his motto.
Margot believes in keeping up appearances. She even has a special voice for answering the telephone.
Oscar is very sporty- in fact he loves any games where he can get dirty! His father is always scolding him about his appearance.
Ottilee is a tomboy and wants to be a firefighter when she grows up. She's constantly practising her firefighting skills by climbing trees and running amok with the garden hose.
Kit and Karenza - They are continuously fighting, making a noise and generally being the naughtiest babies in Sylvania.

Bamboo Family – (Flair got in 1996 and in 2015)


Bertram writes huge, important books about the history of Sylvania, locked away in his study for hours. He is also famous for being very accident prone!
Alexandra likes helping everyone and does lots of charity work, raising money for good causes and important projects. School governor, village councillor, chairperson of the woman’s union, any job, she is always ready to take it on! She's a very friendly lady and all the Sylvanian folk like her a lot
Kane is the oldest son. He plans to follow his father and to be a writer one day. Unfortunately, he's already just like his father, he's also very accident prone!
Clarice absolutely adores horses. She spends all her time at the stables, grooming and working with them. One day she wants to be a famous show jumper.
Remi loves to paint. He can paint on anything and usually does, only to find he has to promise never to do it again!
Lena is a giggler. She giggles at the slightest thing and, with her family tripping up and knocking things over, she finds there's plenty to giggle about in her house
Chichi loves to paint. He can paint on anything and usually does, only to find he has to promise never to do it again!
Mimi is a giggler. She giggles at the slightest thing and, with her family tripping up and knocking things over, she finds there's plenty to giggle about in her house

Bearberry Family - (Flair – got 2003 and 2013)

Uncle Stan drives the Woodland Bus around Sylvania and is always a little late, as he likes to slow down and wave to everyone he knows.
Aunty Olive is his conductor and to hurry him along can often be seen shaking a copy of the timetable in front of him! They are both happy to take a quick lunch break though. Olive always brings along sandwiches and a flask of tea and there's nothing Olive likes more than standing beside her bus and at the side of the road watching everyone wave at her for a change!
Henry teaches music at the St Francis School. All his pupils want is to be the one chosen to play the big drum because it makes the most noise. Henry doesn’t like noise; he wants them to play music and will not admit he's fighting a losing battle. When the Headache starts, Henry sits the children down and plays them a gentle lullabye on the xylophone or piano in the hope they get the idea!!
Yvonne and her daughter Harriet loves their trips to the park, to see and smell the flowers, hear the birds sing and most of all play in the sandpit!
Oliver has been given a bike for his birthday, with a basket on the front and stabilisers on the back. He is very pleased with his present and rides it everywhere. He's especially pleased with the basket as he can carry all his things in it, like his tennis racket and ball.
Angeles is a pretty little girl. She has routines she adheres to rigidly from the moment she gets up till bedtime. At 7 o'clock on the dot she kisses everyone good night, and then she cleans her teeth, and puts on a fresh pair of pj's and her slippers before climbing the stairs. She and her teddy bear carefully select a book to read, then snuggly up to sleep.
Harriet loves trips to the park with her mother, to see and smell the flowers, hear the birds sing and most of all play in the sandpit!

Beaufort Family (Flair got in 2013)                                                    

Sven loves pushing his pink and green ice-cream cart all over Sylvania, that's because everyone is so delighted when he shows up. The moment the children hear the melodic chimes or 'green sleeves' they all rush out to buy one of his lollies or ice cream cones. Sven always makes sure there is one each left for him and his children!
Vania makes her husband's lollies and ice creams using only the very best ingredients so her ice creams are always deliciously creamy and her lollies delightfully fruity. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla seem to be the most popular flavours in Sylvania. Her favourite is glacier mint and has been ever since she was a small child.
Valentine might hate ice cream but he does love ice skating. He goes to the Sylvania ice rink every weekend with his sister Verity and they glide around the ice together pretending to be torvill and dean.
Verity wants to be a famous figure skater just like her brother. She would love to be in the winter Olympics and win a gold medal for Sylvania. She practices far more than Valentine, but she just can't master a proper spin without getting dizzy and sometimes falling over.
Victor and Victoria are quite a handful. They are never where they are supposed to be and are always fighting. It is only pretend fighting though as they would be quite lost without each other!

Doctor, Sainsbury shop owner and Postbear (Tomy and Flair – got in 2000 and 2013)

Dr Murdoch is the SF Doctor. When he was at school all the children called him doc for short and it was no surprise that when he grew up, he actually became a doctor! He is very kind to everyone and always shows extra special patience for his patients! In fact, one could say, he has the ideal bedside manner!
James Sainsbury’s loves nothing more than giving his customers the best fruit and veg that he can get for them.
Pete is a sweet bear who enjoys nothing more than walking around the village delivering everybody’s post!

Bird Families  
Treefellow Owls family – (Tomy 2015 – got on ebay)

Aristotle is headmaster of the school. He’s always got his nose in a book
Arabella met Aristotle when she was training to be a teacher. She's always helping children with their homework.
Winky takes after is dad. He's the cleverest boy in his school.
Grumpy has got a very short temper. Be careful not to annoy him, won't you.
Blinky loves to sit quietly and think. Trouble is, when it’s too quite he falls asleep.

Penguin family – (Flair - got in 2012)

Pingu Deburg – loves to play around with his friends the Beaufort polar bears

Waddlington Family (Flair – got in 2013)

Mayor Bill likes to get things done and hates what he calls 'time wasting'. He's always in a rush and is often heard to say 'life is for doing not watching'. He's very proud of his mayoral chain of office, which he is rumoured to wear to bed.
Mayoress Wanda runs the Sylvanian delivery service called 'flyte path', whose motto is "one ring and we are on a wing". She's an excellent business woman, and although she doesn't rush about as much as her husband, she seems to get much more done!
Quiller is a very serious little boy who likes to think deeply!
Jemina is a dreamer, who lives in a world of her own!
Sebastian is just like his father, always in a hurry, organising this and that and telling everyone what to do!

 Farm Families

Truffle family – (Tomy – got in 1994)

Eustace Barrington is the Sylvanian dentist. He may look rather frightening with his big, strong healthy tusks and even bigger name, but everyone knows that under that gruff exterior lies a heart of gold. In fact, he knows some very funny jokes, which is why all Sylvanian children like going to the dentist!
Victoria like her darling husband is also a dentist, and possibly the strongest lady in Sylvania! This is lucky, because Eustace does not like pulling teeth, so Victoria is in charge of removing wisdom teeth. She is also better than Eustace at making the patients feel comfortable and keeping the appointment book.
Charlie has been given the nickname "chocolate" for a very good reason, He adores it. Charlies face always seems to be covered in it!
Susan Mary is dentist’s dreams come true! She has perfect teeth, a huge, dazzling smile and no Fillings! Susan wants to be a dentist like her daddy but without the Tusks!
Felicity eats her food much too quickly, as she fears if she doesn’t, her greedy brother will eat it!!

Dale family – (Flair – got on ebay and ssk shop – 2014)
Grandfather Wesley planted up the original orchard that his son Ewan now attends. Wesley walks through the orchard whenever he has the chance, not to check that Ewan is doing a good job of looking after the fruit trees, but rather to reminisce about the good old days when he was a young man.
Grandmother Dove regularly looks after her grandchildren when their parents are busy in the orchard. She would look after them all the time if she could. The grandchildren love her because she plays games with them; she is not very good at 'hide' but excellent at 'seek'. Best of all they love her cooking!
Ewan is in charge of the Sylvanian orchards, keeping the grass short and the place tidy. He is very proud of his Victoria plums and crisp, crunchy cox's pippins but has no time at all for most of the modern varieties.
Barbara is a real family expert on fruit trees of every kind. Her busiest times are late autumn and early spring, when she is in the orchard, pruning and re-shaping all the fruit trees and checking for any problems, very late into the evening.
Winton loves helping his mother and father in the orchard. His favourite job is looking after the bonfire but before he can do this, he has to rake up all the fallen leaves and twigs, which he finds a bit boring and doesn't particularly enjoy. However he is always very thorough, as he knows the more he collects, the bigger the bonfire will be!
Iona has been given the important job of collecting and sorting all the different types of fruits. She much prefers this part time job than going to school, because she can chew to her hearts content, without any teacher telling her that it is not allowed!
Emma really enjoys attempting to help the rest of the family in the orchard, even though she is very small. She is quite happy following everyone around the different trees, dragging an old fruit basket behind her. After being strung one afternoon by a wasp, she soon learnt not to pick up the fallen fruit on the ground!
Shona loves sleeping the days away… none of her family can ever wake her up!!


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