The Villagers of Little Eleville 2

The Villagers of Little Eleville Page 2.
I cant believe i'm having to do two pages! its amazing how many families i've collected in 20 years and mainly over the past 4 years! Right here are the other families -

Mice Families 
Maces family (Flair – got in 2003 and 2013)

Grandfather Ashley has now retired, but he still cuts a dashing figure in his beret and smart jacket as he walks around the department store floors checking that everything is as it should be. He just can't break the habit of a lifetime!
Grandmother Laura like her darling husband has also retired, but now spends time away from the store in meetings with her lady friends. Most of the meetings involve a spot of lunch!
Spencer is always kept busy as the manager of the Sylvanian Market. There are always shelves to fill and customers to keep happy.
Arvey is the manageress of the Sylvanian Market and runs the Tea room. She is just as busy as her husband Spencer but not as flustered.
Mark loves his job as delivery boy for the house of brambles because it gets him out and about. He always has time for a chat and gossip with the customers.
Nichole Maces and Barry Perriwinkle really look forward to sports day! There is everything to make a fantastic sports day from sack races to rounder’s. There are also medals for the winners, a finish flag and a winner’s cup. Let the games begin!
Nichole works as a shop assistant with her parents. Her favourite job is making sure that there are enough fresh cakes for her mother’s tea room.
John love to play house together in the large cardboard boxes in the store room. Their father, Spencer, only has to cut some windows and a door in the side of a box and they are happy for hours!
Louise love to play house together in the large cardboard boxes in the store room. Their father, Spencer, only has to cut some windows and a door in the side of a box and they are happy for hours!

Norwood Family (Flair – got in 2001 and 2014 on ebay)

Wensleydale-Hector known as WH to his friends. He is a jolly chap who owes the newspaper, book and stationary shop called WH Norwood and sons. Although he is the owner he prefers to work in the shop itself, tidying and stocking the shelves while partaking in his favourite hobby, which is gossiping with all his regular customers.
Brie also works at the shop. She can always be found sitting at her desk in the back office keeping the business records. In her spare time she is studying very hard to become a fully-fledged chartered accountant and strange as it may seem, can’t wait to sit the difficult exams.
Endeavour is am early riser and does a paper round every morning for his father's newspaper shop. Today he got up extra early as its is first day in his new school class. Blessed with boundless energy and enthusiasm, he wants to be early to meet all his new school friends for a game of football in the playground.
Endeavour is the paperboy for his fathers and mothers shop and is blessed with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Every day before school he gets up hours before the bird have uttered their first sleepy tweet, to name and address all the papers for delivery. Then he has a mega breakfast before speeding off on his 20 speed bike with go faster spokes, to do his rounds.
Katy unlike her early rising brother, morning is not the best time for her. In fact the week is not particularly popular with her, because she doesn't like getting out of bed and going to school. On Saturday she works at the shop in the afternoon of course!
Norman likes the sound either own voice, particularly when screaming very, very loud. Brie, his mother tells everyone that Norman is not naughty, just vocal! He is at his most vocal in the bath, which he hates, but when he is sitting in his highchair eating, he is as quiet as a mouse, if not a little messy!

Hazelwood’s and Jess Meadows – (Flair – got in 2001 and 2015)

Betty thinks she has the best job in Sylvania running Betty's Toy Box. She loves to see all the latest toys, make lovely displays on her shelves and talk to the customers.
Karen loves the smell of fresh washing and today is a perfect day for drying the laundry in the garden as its bright and breezy.
Jess loves her mini white and red swing; she can be seen swinging on it for hours and hours

Dog and Cat Families

Beagle family (Flair – got in 2003) and Phoebe Basset (Epoch – got in 2015)

Percy loves getting his son William his train set out.  When he’s not busy baking bread or crusty rolls at the village bakery, you can find him playing with his son.
Prunella helps her husband in the bakery as often as she can, when she isn’t having to look after her very active little babies. Her speciality is making cakes for special occasions. Big, small, tiny, tall, she'll make cakes of any size, shape, colour or filling.
Harold does the entire bakery's deliveries on a heavy old black bicycle with a big wicker basket on the front where he puts the loaves. Although he doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up, he certainly isn't going to be a baker
Antonia loves to have a picnic, so much so, she has one each and every day. At lunchtime she can be found on the school green with her picnic rug, tuck box, fresh crusty roll, juice bottle and napkin, having a picnic lunch in the warm sunshine
William loves to play with his train set, especially when his father Percy joins him in some train set fun. You can see the happiness in Williams face as he and his father prepare the track, trains, trees and signal post. All aboard! Mind the gap! Can be heard as, they prepare to enjoy hours of playtime fun together.
Fiona is very active, so her mother Prunella has to find her lots to do. Things like crashing around the house in her baby walker or tottering along behind her push cart. Fiona's favourite toys are the big red cat and the ring toss game where the rings never seem to land on the pole. At night time there is only one toy she wants and that’s her Rabbit!!
Phoebe Basset is the housemaid in the Grand Hotel; you can always see her busying her self-making sure to keep the rooms looking their best. Theirs either a duster in her hands to ensure the furniture is polished and dusted, and then there’s the hoover which she is always making a racket with!

Madeline Merryweather – (Flair – got in 2015)

Madeline is always beautifully groomed - lavishly dressed in the most glorious fashionable clothes, which is not surprising considering she’s the proprietor of her own boutique! She takes great pride, not only in her appearance, but also her exclusive "Establishment", and likes to think that all the best-dressed characters in Sylvania are her own special customers.

Macavity Family – (Flair – got in 2002 and 2015)


Alonzo as a child wanted to be a dentist, but hated the sound of drilling. Strange that he has ended up being the Sylvanian builder!
Cassandra is a bit of a stargazer and loves looking into the future. At the moment she is trying to see what she should make for dinner tonight!
Rumpus when allowed, loves helping his father. However he is very mischievous and once actually got stuck behind a wall that his father was building.
Asparagus has been taking cookery lessons and would like to end up being a master chef. She is always giving her mummy useful tips!
Asparagus loves going shopping to Madeline’s boutique, to pick out a brand new party dress!
Electra loves playing with his brother and sister. He’s a clever little boy and loves making sure everyone gets to play together…. He always tells on his brother Skimble if he is being naughty!!!
Etcetera loves chatting away to herself. However at the moment, nobody can understand what she is saying!
Skimble is a very creative little boy and loves playing with the building bricks that his daddy brought him. But sometimes he can be naughty and throws them around the room!
Larkin Keat loves playing around in the nursery; he loves the slide the most!

Harvey Family – (Flair and Epoch - got in 2014)

Bert opened the Village Store many moons ago with his darling wife Joyes. Even though they have both now retired and the store is run by their son, Perkin, neither of them can completely let go. Bert likes to pop into the store most afternoons, just to see that everything is alright. Oh! And while he is there he might as well just restock and tidy the shelves!
Joyes like her husband Bert enjoyed her long working life in the Village Store and misses chatting to the customers. So she also pops into the store most days with a "You look like you need a break and a cup of refreshing tea!" Closely followed by "Don't worry, I can look after the till!"

Marlowe Family (Epoch – got in 2015)
Mason is very giving, kind and loves spending time with his family. Mason is the tennis coach in Sylvania and teaches tennis to Sylvanians of all ages.
Natalie used to a ballroom dancer in her youth and now loves teaching ballroom dancing to other Sylvanians. Natalie's other love is fashion. She keeps up with all the latest trends and enjoys shopping at the village boutique as a weekend treat!
Lilly is a lot like her mother and loves to shop for pretty dresses. She loves to dress up and always looks beautiful at the school dance. Lilly dreams of being a famous dancer when she’s older.
Rose is more like her father. She is very athletic and her favourite sport is tennis - in fact, Rose is her father mason's star pupil and always has been!

Woodland Families 

Underwood Family – (Flair – got in 2003 and 2014)

Uncle PC bobby Roberts always has a friendly word for everyone he meets, except if they have been naughty! He rides about on his blue bike making sure everything is exactly as it should be.
Grandfather Patrick is now very old but has wonderful memories of being the most famous photographer in Sylvania. For some strange reason nobody ever calls him by his proper name: he is known to everyone as Lionel! He loves it when his grandson, Byron, joins him to learn the tricks of the trade.
Grandmother Mildred is a most untypical grandmother who just don’t like cooking, knitting or gardening! She loves joining in with the younger Sylvanians when they go hiking and once even went potholing. Sometimes the Youngers would rather be by themselves but she badgers them into submission and usually gets invited along!
Benjamin likes to turn up unexpectedly. But he's always welcome because he is an expert at mending broken furniture and putting up shelves.
Beatrix drives the Underwood's caravan. She knows how to look after animals and mend anything with wheels.
Byron likes to take pictures with his grandfather’s camera. His photo album is the most popular book in Sylvania.
Bess is friends with all the girls in Sylvania and likes to spread news between the families.
Hugh takes trolley bricks everywhere he goes. There is always one or two in his cradle!

Bramble Family – (Tomy and Flair – 1990’s and 2002)

Grandmother Ellen, she loves looking after her grandchildren and sitting in the family’s rocking chair when everyone is out - knitting away.
Mortimer is the Sylvanian tailor. He makes all the clothes for everyone in Sylvania. He loves sewing, while gently rocking in his rocking chair.
Eleanor designs and makes all the special Sylvanian costumes like wedding outfits and Sunday best clothes.
Maxwell is learning how to be a tailor like his dad. He's particularly good at measuring up material, but he can't play with the needles and scissors as this would be dangerous.
Abigail likes designing clothes. She's especially good at designing dresses and frocks for herself which, if she is good, Mortimer and Eleanor will make for her.
Bilberry gathers up all the little pieces of material that are left over, puts them together in a pile and curls up in the middle of them
Peaches, is a very, very naughty little girl! She’s always taking her father’s tailor's chalk and drawing patterns on the walls and furniture. Even though this washes off easily, it is still a very naughty thing to do.

McBurrows Family (Flair – got in 2014)

Digger is an expert at making tunnels. His family is always cosy no matter what the weather.
Heidi is very house-proud. No matter when you visit you will always find her cleaning.
Muddy drives his mother up the wall. He just cannot keep his clothes clean. He's always covered in mud.
Molly is very clever with her hands. She loves to make presents for all her family and friends.
Monty wriggles and wriggles about in his cot. That's why his blanket is always on the floor.
Mo burrows so far under her blankets; you can't tell she's there when she's asleep.

Clearwater Family (Flair – got in 2015 on ebay)

Sybil loves to sew; she works closely with Madeline Merryweather and the Brambles, to ensure everyone in Little Eleville gets the best clothes for all occasions.
Stephanie loves learning to sew with her mother and making the villagers clothes.

Furbank Family (Flair – got in 2001 and 2014)

Kenneth loves acting and directing, telling people what to do with a big booming voice. He takes acting awfully seriously.
Emma calls everyone 'darling' or 'lovely'. That’s because she's always so busy trying to remember her lines she forgets everyone’s names!
Greta spends a lot of time on her own, so that she can get on with the serious business of learning her lines.
Douglas who is known as junior, spends most of his time in an imaginary world of his own- a world populated by pirates, white knights and fire breathing dragons. 
Ray has literally been born into the acting profession and he loves it! In particular, he has great fun playing with all the make-up and face paints.

Renard Family – (Flair – got in 2013)

Eric is an 'odd job' man. He mends broken windows, repairs roofs, re-hangs gates that don't close properly, you name it, and he does it! In his spare time he makes wonderful toys and playthings for his lucky children.
Roxy is a home interior decorator with great taste and fantastic colour sense. If anyone wants their house to look really stylish they call Roxy, who will rush around to see them, loaded up with wallpaper, paint and material swatch books and a head full of great ideas.
Baden is a very energetic lad who is a fervent boy scout. When he and his sister are on one of their camping adventures, he's the one who does most of the work, collecting firewood, cooking and putting up the tent, while she plans and organises.
Mikaela is the real outdoor type who just loves camping and rambling. She joined the brownies when she was very young and is now a keen girl guide who would love to live in a tent but her mother won't let her!
Carrie loves her brother Danny and follows him everywhere, even though it leads her into trouble!

Bouget Family – (Flair got in 2014)

Stilton and his wife Rosemary provide a grooming service at the House of Brambles department store. The business does very well because all the ladies adore Stilton; he's so charming, so debonair. What’s more, he has a wonderful, soft French accent that the ladies think 'is ever so romantic'.
Rosemary is the business brains behind the grooming service. She also looks after the rest of their clientele, the fathers and the children
Sage also works in the family business cleaning and tidying, but only at weekends and after he has finished all his homework.
Jasmin loves perfume and is always trying out all the different brands in the house of brambles department store. Her dream is to create one of her own perfume
Parsley, there is only one word to describe these two mischievous tearaways, noisy! Especially if they manage to get hold of any musical instruments in the toy box!
Lavender, there is only one word to describe these two mischievous tearaways, noisy! Especially if they manage to get hold of any musical instruments in the toy box!

Buckley Family – (Epoch – got in 2015)

Rupert is head of games at St. Francis School. He is very enthusiastic and encourages all the young Sylvanians to do their best in games. Rupert is also very enthusiastic about healthy eating, and likes to make salads and soups using ingredients grown in his own vegetable garden.
Agatha is the Deputy Head teacher of St. Francis School. Even when she was little, Agatha was very academic and always had her homework finished long before her friends. Being very kind though, she always helped others once she had finished. But of course, she made sure it was all their own work as copying is cheating!
Freddie loves to paint. His favourite lesson at school is art and he is always getting his friends to sit still in the playground or on the school field so he can paint their portraits. Freddie is actually getting very good, and spends every lunch time in the art room practising. He even sold some paintings at the village show this summer
Maria is never happier than when in the water. She is a champion swimmer and has lots of badges on her swimming costume. Her father, Rupert coaches her at weekends and after school down at the lake and is very proud of his little girl!
Oscar can quite often be heard before he can be seen! Not because he is particularly loud, but because he talks all the time. Since he spoke his first words he has become increasing chatty and his parents find it difficult to get him to go to sleep in the evening as he wants to stay up and talk some more!
Matthew, want to be like their big brother, Freddie, and are never happier than when colouring with their crayons. The rest of the family has to keep a close eye on them because Matthew and Lily haven't quite learnt the difference between the drawing pair and the dining room wall yet, much to their mother Agatha's dismay!
Lily, want to be like their big brother, Freddie, and are never happier than when colouring with their crayons. The rest of the family has to keep a close eye on them because Matthew and Lily haven't quite learnt the difference between the drawing pair and the dining room wall yet, much to their mother Agatha's dismay!

River Families

Van Dyke Family – (Flair – got in 2000)

Ebb lives with the rest of his family on the Rose of Sylvania. They slowly travel up and down the river, having lots of adventures, and meeting lots of interesting people. Ebb is very keen on keeping the river environment clean and tidy. He gets very cross when he sees rubbish on the river bank or even worse floating on the water. He is always putting up notices, "Keep Sylvania clean" and "Use the bin provided." 
Flo runs the Sylvanian swimming classes as well as navigating the canal boat and looking after her family. All her family swim very well, but Flo wants everyone in Sylvania to be able to swim, because as she says "water is dangerous but supervised swimming is lots of fun so come and join us." 
Aunty Florence helps her Sister Flo with teaching swimming classes to all the children and of course she looks after the twins when their isn’t anything else to do.
Brook is always getting in trouble! Not because he is bad or naughty, it's just that he is so terribly inquisitive. Once he got his head stuck in a large storage jar because he wanted to see what was inside. His sister insists he is just nosey, which upsets Brook.
Spring is the artist of the family! She is responsible for all the lovely decorations on the rose of Sylvania. Spring spends hours on deck in the sunshine drawing new designs for everything from buckets to the cabin doors. Her mother says she gets her artistic ability from her great, great grandfather who has some of his paintings hanging in the Sylvanian museum.
Eddy and Becky, The baby Vandyke’s have their own baby language which they converse in all day long. No one knows just what they talk about because it's baby talk, but whatever it is they manage to talk about it all day every day. Brook thinks they talk in this strange way because everyone goes "coo coo" to them!

Bullrush Family – (Flair – got in 2000)

Walter spends most of his time fishing from a lily pad, singing in his rough, croaky voice.
Lydia, unlike her husband, is very hard working. She weaves the most beautiful baskets out of bulrushes.
Algernon is known as Algy to his friends. He takes after his mother and loves to help her.
Lily has a very good voice; unlike her father- in fact she wants to be an opera singer when she grows up! 
Moses adores having baths. He spends hours splashing about with his rubber ducks and bath-time toys.
Iris, on the other hand, hates being bathed. When it's her turn in the tub she cries and bawls and splashes the water about.

Waters Family – (Flair got in 2014)

Wade is the best house builder in the woods. What kind of house would you like?
Nancy grows the most beautiful flowers in town. She's famous for her miniature roses.
Roger is so popular, he was voted head boy of his school.
Misty daydreams all the time. She dreams of being a dancer one day.
Bucky has got the widest grin in the woods. You just can't help but love him.
Bubble is so called because her favourite game is blowing bubbles in the bath.

Neptune Family – (Flair – got in 2013)

Caspian spends as much time as he can with his family swimming in the sea even during those cold, windswept winter days. After a refreshing swim he enjoys a long walk along the beach looking for 'treasure' - strange bits and pieces the sea has washed up on the golden sands. Caspian has quite a large 'treasure' trove displayed around the family home.
Narrisa likes everything neat and tidy in her family home and her husband and daughters 'treasure' collection makes for a lot of extra dusting and cleaning! Narrisa has decided this is a small price to pay for all the family time together on the beach. 
Shelley is a beach comber like her father. Her love is sea shells of all shapes and sizes. The shell colours are so bright and shiny when they are wet but so dull by the time she has carried them home. So with the help of her father, they varnish the shells to bring out the bright colours, before adding them to her vast shell collection.
Sandy loves building and knocking down sandcastles and like the rest of her family is also a beach collector, she collects sand! In her clothes, in her hair, between her toes, everywhere!

Exotic Families

Trunks Family – (Flair – got in 2014)

Hugo is a lumberjack with the important job of keeping Sylvania clean and tidy. Every morning he uses his strong trunk and huge tusks to clear fallen trees from the forest and every afternoon he rewards himself with a long mud bath and an even longer lie down!
Savannah prefers to use her brain rather than her brawn! She has a wonderful memory and, much to the annoyance of her family, never forgets anything. That’s good news when it comes to their birthdays, of course, but bad news when it comes to any bad behaviour!
Ivor desperately wants to be a hockey player when he grows up. He has great stick control and now that his 'trunk skills' have improved so much, he shows great promise in goal. His dad thinks he should still train to be a lumberjack, just in case!
Nellie hates hockey, but loves ballet. The 'sugar plum fairy' is her favourite role and she practices the steps every chance she gets. She wears a beautiful pink tutu and satin ballet slippers- but only when her brother is not around!
Peanut and Nana are too small at the moment to help in the forest. As long as they've got a paddling pool and some buns they're quite happy!

Springer Family – (Flair got in 2014)

Bruce runs the Sylvanian cricket club and is also captain of the team. Depending on what team wins the toss of the coin he either opens the batting or begins the bowling. His finest hour- and it did only take an hour- was when he bowled out the entire second eleven for only twelve runs and then opened the batting for his team and hit all of the first three balls for six. What a win!
Shelia is a great all round sports woman and is especially good at netball. She is often found at the netball courts either playing her favourite position of goal defence or coaching one of the junior teams. She works hard at all her sports, encouraging her children to do the same. "Winning is not everything, beating your personal best is!" she claims.
Joanne, like the rest of her family is sports mad. Her favourite activity is running; to be precise, long distance running. She trains very hard at this, getting up at 6 o'clock every morning in order to run round the fields, having a quick shower before she dashes off to catch the school bus.
Joseph love to put on the colourful netball bibs and bounce a ball between each other.
Josephine love to put on the colourful netball bibs and bounce a ball between each other.
Joey loves to play bat and ball with his father, Bruce. He usually misses the ball with the bat, which makes both him and his daddy laugh.

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